Mezinárodní federace pro divadelní výzkum

International Federation for Theatre Research

Federation Internationale pour la Recherche Théâtrale

SWG Symposium

IFTR Scenography Working Group Symposium

Interim Event

Friday 14th June – Saturday 15th June 2019

Hosted by the Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University

Prague, Czech Republic

The Scenography Working Group is convening a two-day symposium for members to share their research in the context of the largest event in the scenographic calendar, the Prague Quadrennial.

We are inviting proposals that relate to the artistic vision of PQ’19 – the cyclical phases of the creative process: Imagination (“youth’s wild instinct and intuition”), Transformation (“the experience of adulthood”), Memory (“wisdom of age”).

We are looking for proposals for 15 minute presentations linked to these themes.

Timed to coincide with PQ’19, the symposium is kindly hosted by the Faculty of Philosophy at Charles University. There will be no charge to attend the symposium, but you must be a member of IFTR at the time of the symposium (see www.cambridge.org/core/membership/iftr for details). The only additional costs to participants will be related to travel, accommodation and subsistence.

Proposals should be clearly identified in relation to one of the four areas:

scenography and imagination

scenography and transformation 

scenography and memory

Proposals should be sent to both co-convenors of the SWG, Nick Hunt and Sofia Pantouvaki:

nick.hunt@bruford.ac.uk and sofsceno@gmail.com

Deadline for proposals: 29th March 2019

Acceptances confirmed by 15th April 2019

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The Scenography Working Group will also be meeting at the IFTR 2019 Conference at the Shanghai Theatre Academy, Shanghai, China, 8th – 12th July 2015.