International Federation for Theatre Research

Mezinárodní federace
pro divadelní výzkum

Federation Internationale
pour la Recherche Théâtrale

Czech Center

The Czech Centre of the International Federation for Theatre Research has been operating since the establishment of the Federation in 1956, as its founding members were Czechoslovakian theatrologists. They have been engaged in its committee during its more than 50-year existence, and professor František Černý was also its president. In 1973 the Czech Centre organized the world Federation congress in Prague, plus other partial conferences. Participation of theatrologists from all over the world brings the update view of theatre research, its methodological and thematic trends. The Czech Centre has been organizing expert conferences every four years in Prague since 1991. Since the second one on (1995) the conferences have focused on scenography and have always been held during the international exhibition of the scenic art and stage architecture called Prague Quadrennial. The last conference took place in 2019. There is an anthology comprising selected lectures from the last two conferences; the Theatre Institute published it in English as a book. Contacts with the Federation members from abroad bring other particular results – lectures in Prague, publishing studies in the Theatre revue. Young theatrologists exceptionally use the possibility to participate in the annual competition called New Scholars´ Prize. The Czech Centre receives a free copy of the journal International Theatre Research, published by the Federation.  

At present, the status of national centers has changed compared to the past. Membership in the IFTR is no longer institutional but individual. Therefore, the Czech Center, which is one of the platforms located in the Departement for the Study of Czech Theater of Arts and Theatre Institute Prague, above all, it mediates information from the IFTR and complements it with news from the field of Czech theatrology.