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Mezinárodní federace
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Federation Internationale
pour la Recherche Théâtrale

Theatralia No. 1/2001

Editors Klára Škrobánková and Pavel Drábek brought the best specialists in performative culture of English Restauration together. The results of their research are published in our Yorick section. Take a closer look at the articles by Claudine van Hensbergen and Teresa Grant from Great Britain, Massimilliano Morini, Lisanna Calvi and Alba Graziano from Italy, Stacey Jocoy from the USA, Jorge Braga Riera from Spain, Anna Cetera-Włodarczyk and Przemysław Pożar from Poland and Filip Krajník from the Czech Republic. These authors present on their pages English Restauration drama and theatre as a transnational and multi-genre phenomenon.

Addionally, in the Spectrum section Eva Šlaisová, Radka Kunderová, Tomáš Bojda and Anna Zelenková shared the results of their research on various topics of theatre history. Do take a closer look at the interview with the specialist in Restauration theatre practice and musicology Amanda Eubanks Winkler, who talks about how practice-based research can help the study of the epoque.

At the end of the issue, we prepared a surprise for you. In the Archive section M. A. Katritzky presents ground-breaking research of William Hogarth, offering a new approach and outstanding outcomes of this research. By the way, this discovery was covered on the pages of The Times (7. 5. 2021) and an internet platform The Conversation (6. 5. 2021).

The issue is in two languages – English and Czech. Visit our webpages to find out more.

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